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허윤수 / 16 /
Hellow I am yunsu.I love learning culture and language.So I started pen pals to learn a lot and make new friends.I currently speak korean and english(a little).:)
인재 / 24 /
한국사는 24살 인재라고 합니다 외국사는 사람들과 친해지고싶어요 kakao : noah5799 사진은 메일로 보내줄게요
manakage / 50 /
Hello. I am a 50-year-old man living in a downtown in Tokyo. I wanted to interact with people all over the world. I am looking for good friends. Thanking you in advance. 国内の方ももちろん、お話しできる方を探しております。
Ferguson Peter Rowland / 50 /
Hello dear Nice meeting you,I'm Ferguson Peter Rowland from Dallas Texas USA; and how about you? I was really attracted to you by the sense of humor you posses here and the charm of your beauty..hope you don't mind bei
KUNO / 22 /
こんにちは 日本に関心が多く、日本の友達を付き合いたくて加入するようになりました。 韓国に興味のある人は気軽にメールください。 よろしくお願いします! I can not speak English. Please understand!
Alyssa / 17 /
Hello, I'm Alyssa! I love learning languages. I currently speak English (obvi), Spanish, korean, and some Japanese.
Kassi / 21 /
안녕하세요~  저는 카시 입니다😊 한국어를 조금만밖에 할 수 없습니다만  많이 말씀할 수 있는 분과 사이좋아지고 싶습니다!  또래 사이가 좋아지고 싶습니다! 세븐틴를 좋아해요💎
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