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Sarang kim / 25 / Weiblich
Korea, Republik
Hi, my name is Sarang Kim. I would like to share messages, emails, and mails with you although I am still learning English. I look forward to hearing from you every day❤️✨💫
Lee sang A / 18 / Weiblich
Korea, Republik
Hello. I am 18 years old and I want to be friends with people from other countries. My English is poor. Please understand a little.
윤진 / 16 / Weiblich
Korea, Republik
Hi! My name is Yoonjin and my English name is Ellen. Actually I'm not really good at English but I want to make friend abroad. I'm turning 16 years old this march and I'm middle school student. I'm truly normal student i
김용현 / 23 / Männlich
Korea, Republik
韓国に住む韓国人です。 日本語勉強したくて、友達を求めています。 23歳で連絡したらと思います。 私も韓国語の勉強に役に立ってほしいです。 後に日本にも遊びに行きたいです! 機会ができたら観光一緒にしたらいいなと思います。 一人と集中して連絡したいです。 KAKAO、LINEすることができます。 誘ってください。
Stella Wi / 24 / Weiblich
Korea, Republik
I'm Stella Wi. Enjoy talking with people :)
Jaehee Lee / 13 / Weiblich
Korea, Republik
Hello my name is Jaehee I'm 13 Nice to meet you and I want a letter And I love rock bands so much ♡ I can send penpal letter but I'm not good at English And learning Japanese
CHIE / 23 / Weiblich
Japan name is CHIE.i am japanese girl. I am very interested in overseas culture. i am University student.and fashion model and nude model. You can show you want to see my nude photo? do you like japanese
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